Seeking your stories: Thinking about a YEC class in an influential megachurch in Dallas

The battle is not just about science. There is a lot of confusion. Some churches rightly resist moral relativism and a materialistic culture, but they blame these problems on a “scientific world view.” On the other hand, both popular culture and what I’ll call elite culture embrace moral relativism and materialism - usually a poor understanding of science is used to support a bad, simplistic philosophy “everything is relative,” etc.

Where does that leave many churches? Unfortunately, many churches take the culture at face value and just react. A basic understanding of science and a moderately sophisticated understanding of philosophy would enable the church to give powerful answers to the bad philosophy that permeates our culture. Instead, all of that mental energy goes down pseudo-scientific rabbit holes - the moral relativist says all knowledge is relative (all you can be really sure of is what feels good for you) and he mentions the Theory of Relativity. The YECer replies that the Theory of Relativity is bunk because the Bible says light traveled much faster in the past (he starts a convoluted argument no one can follow)…

The church is trying to escape from modernity rather than redeeming modernity from those who want freedom without responsibility. Until that changes nothing will get better.


I think I might be able to hear one @Relates (Roger) applauding in the background! He should weigh in here shortly to affirm or correct.

Well put! And on that note of “freedom”, I was just getting ready to start my own post of continued wrestling on a related issue. Hopefully that will be up here before too long.

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