Science Writer Carl Zimmer gives an update on the quest for a Covid-19 vaccine (July 29, 2020)

With coronavirus spiking around the world amid easing lockdowns, the need for a viable vaccine grows more urgent. In the global scientific rush, Russia is the latest to claim its vaccine will soon be approved – although no testing data has been released, prompting concerns about adequate precautions. Right now there are more than 165 vaccines in development, with 27 already in human trials. Carl Zimmer is an award-winning science writer with a weekly column in the New York Times, and he speaks with Walter Isaacson to break down the biology.

This short but impot talk is only about 17 minutes long.

When Can We Expect a COVID-19 Vaccine?


He even gives a shout-out to promising new diagnostic tests that include Sherlock, which comes out of our lab.


Thanks for watching. As you know, he’s a respected science writer, and he writes a science column for the NY Times.

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