Science on the Wings of Faith: An Interview with Stacy Trasancos

A new book argues that Christians are getting bogged down in scientific debates and missing our bigger cultural calling.
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Thanks for the interview Brad and Stacy! Kolbe Academy science classes are highly recommended over on our homeschool forum, so it is nice to see where their instructors are coming from personally. I appreciated the battleship analogy and the sense of confidence and security in our faith that permeated the interview.

Thanks to @StacyTrasancos for the fantastic interview. With apologies to Bill Nye, this might be my all-time favorite interview. So much wisdom here.

I particularly like the statement that theists have an answer to the question of why the universe is so orderly and obeys regular laws, while atheists do not.
The emphasis on Catholic views would lessen the book’s message for fundamentalists, who seem to me to tend to be anti-Catholic, but if we substitute the word Christian for Catholic, the message is unchanged.

I don’t think fundamentalists are a good audience for the book. I think the BioLogos community is ideal: Christians who love and appreciate mainstream science but need a framework for how to engage it Christianly, especially when the issues are so complex.


I can see why you would like that position, but I don’t know a single Atheist that would agree with that sentence.

What I think is Authentically true and most challenging for Atheists (which is not to say that they would agree with me) - - is an explanation for Consciousness.

In a Cosmos without God, there is no meaning to be attached to thought or consciousness … Consciousness as an epiphenomenon is like having a ballerina’s tutu on a salt crystal: it’s completely unnecessary and frankly gets in the way.

If you ever want to stop a multi-atheist “attack” in a Chat room, just ask:

“Hey, which of you Atheists think free will is obviously true, and which think free will is obviously false?”

If you have enough people in the room, there should be at least one person on each side.

And then you can simply conclude: “So if you genius Atheists can’t come to agreement on something as simple as human will (free or not) – how can you expect the great majority of humanity to be able to agree on something as abstract as the existence of a Universal Consciousness or not?”

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Brad, you are right–IF the only reason a person reads a book is to reinforce what they already believe as 'unalterable fact". I have read most of what Richard Dawkins has written–not because I want to be convinced of his atheism, because I want to see how a bright mind such as his can be so mislead. (And I think I have. Just read his "Ancestor’s Tale" to see how.) Raised as a Catholic, I had to face up to the arguments posed by the ‘New Atheists’ that God was just a Delusion. I did so (successfully, I hope) by learning all I could about their arguments, not, as Stacy puts it, by trying to “sink the battleship”. Perhaps some Fundamentalists who read her book might find that her views are not so heretical after all. No Mind is as Closed as might first appear.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Al Leo

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