Safer Guidelines for Children's Church?

Has anyone’s church started opening their children’s ministry again–and if so, have you found safer ways to do that?

Thank you!

I don’t believe we have, no. It’s unfortunate, because my kids (and I’m sure others) miss it a lot. I wonder if some are hanging back waiting to see how school opening goes. If kids can wear masks and learn to keep their distance from each other there, then it might give some guidelines or optimism for Sunday school. Nursery and toddler programs will be harder though… physical distancing is almost impossible.

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Our church is opening nursery -pre-k, but otherwise has older kids attend with parents in a family room with video. I do not know how many are taking advantage.
I’ll message you a link to the plan.

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Yes, I’m hoping that things will get clearer as some kids return to school. What are your schools offering? We just learned we have an option to either use a home version, or school (this time, the school is using a home service they have subcontracted).

Thanks, @jpm. One of the challenges of church based children services is that there can be a wide variety of class sizes–sometimes combining smaller with older kids, etc. I am especially curious how to manage the nursery and 2-4 year olds (with kids who don’t know how to social distance, but typically have the elderly care for them).

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I talked with a teacher last week who said that in his district is doing something similar – the parents choose whether to do distance learning at home, or send the kids to school with masks and physical distancing. But I guess they’re going to reassess each trimester so that parents can change their choice if they want to. And of course they’ll reassess if there’s an outbreak. My kids are homeschooled but I’ve wanted to look into what kind of elective classes I could get them into at public schools – but I don’t think this is the year for it!

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