Sacred Word Broken Word

Mr. Sparks;

I am working my way back through your book “Sacred Word Broken Word.” The first time though, I learned a good bit about some areas of the Bible I wrestled with and agree with much of what you state in your book. Well done!

However, I have a couple of issues and wonder if you could share a bit of discussion on these areas.

First, I do not see how our fallen state or sin of Adam could cause floods, earthquakes, disorder in the cosmos, etc.

Second, you ask the question on page 6; “Does it really matter how Judas died?”, and then proceed as one of your first examples of discrepancy in the Bible the different stories of how Judas died. I found that a bit unusual.



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As far as I know, Dr. Sparks does not participate on this forum and isn’t going to see your message, though other people may have comments. You can e-mail him directly at

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