Russian roulette

With a hundred thousand on red, at what point does Putin think it’s worth a spin of the wheel? Will God let him?

That was yesterday.

This was the day before.

Will God intervene?

Honestly, good question though I am not sure, I have always figured God never chooses sides when it comes to countries or politics so it is hard to say, guess we will just have to wait and see though I have never understood why putin would want ukraine.

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I can’t see what’s in it for Putin. Invading. He won’t suffer much for it, as long as he doesn’t start a cyberwar, sanctions are meaningless, China will ignore them, including banking. W. Europe can’t survive without Russian gas. But what does he stand to gain? And how does he get out? Taking the economic basket cases of Luhansk and Donetsk with him?

Surely it suits him to maintain the status quo. Having the latter two protectorates, like Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia, ensures that Ukraine, like Georgia, cannot join NATO. Having fingers in pies is far more cost effective.

I don’t think God’s got much to worry about.

Me neither, but he did take Crimea.

To elevate his self-image as macho and powerful?

Aye, but that just reversed Khrushchev’s empty gesture as old as me.

He’ll drive Finland and Sweden closer to NATO. He can’t want that.

Putin may be losing power at home as discontent over corruption and lack of democratic values increases in the homeland. A war has a way of uniting a country behind its leader.


True. The final sentence especially. But it’s pretty desperate. Sounds like a repeat of the Brezhnev era. How’s the average Russian quality of life, standard of living going?

He seems to go for making people learn (or fail to learn) from their mistakes, rather than miraculously fixing everything they messed up, so hard to say.

Really? Only seems? Hard to say?

When we suffer, pulling together gives us a vision. Putin can do what N Korea does–blame the West for all his ills. Making the threat concrete, and fighting for the desire of the Russia-leaning region, takes people’s minds off their sufferings. It may be sort of like Hitler did with the Sudetenland.

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