Response plz?: When "evening and morning" are used with a day in Genesis it implies 24 hours

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It means there won’t be any blood in our resurrected bodies. Think of flesh-and-blood and flesh-and-bone as compound concepts

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Hi Edward,

I’m wondering if you can consider, “Creatio ex nihilo” to be the Big Bang, and that the universe evolved from there to man, designed by God.

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It just keeps getting weirder …

(Edward Miller) #164

I can; however, I believe that God was very much involved in the development. That is why I lean to progressive creationism but do remember that there are two types of progressive creation: common descent and progressive creation: microevolution only. Dr. Hugh Ross would hold the second kind. Charles Babbage along with Bernard Ramm held the first kind. Theistic Evolution tends to be a little more liberal than progressive creation: common descent. Progressive Creation: Common Descent is what Pat Robertson of Regent University meant when he said that he could believe in Progressive Evolution. I believe in the big bang. Jesus as God the Son spoke and the big bang took place. The difference between PCCD and theistic evolution is that God took a more active role in PCCD than he did in theistic evolution. In TE, God the Son spoke beginning the big bang and created the laws of nature to complete the process. In the two forms of PC, God took a very active role himself.

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You are correct, beaglelady. It seems that the Gnostic movement is alive and well.

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Let’s not go overboard. This is not “true” gnosticism. It is a “gnosticization” of Christianity, but is not like any traditional form of so-called Gnostic Christianity.

True Gnosticism sees the body as such a prison, death is welcomed.
There is also a demigod that created the Earth, not Yahweh Himself.
There are also Aeons or other powers, sometimes referred to as “principalities”.

Considering the body irrelevant to the End of Days resurrection is barely in the same realm as the beliefs that are typically referred to as Gnostic Christianity. Gnostic Christianity was the underlying reason so many early Christians went willingly to die in the arenas. They were eager for Paradise.

One of the reasons Christian Gnosticism didn’t prevail over the other schools of Christianity is because they were TOO eager to give their life… and the Roman killing machine was quite efficient at granting their wishes.

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That seems like Count Dracula.:grinning:



“Flesh and blood won’t inherit the kingdom, but flesh and bone will.”

No flesh and bone or blood but the stated spiritual body at ascension.

The verse ends “nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.”


Christ states that to enter the kingdom one has to be a spirit i.e. a spiritual body as the bible said. The imperishable cannot enter, only the spirit. The bible states that the body was resurrected then ascension of the spirit after.


The bible states only the ascension accepted Jesus into heaven in the spiritual body, no perishable can enter according to the bible. The resurrection brought Jesus to the disciples in body but not the spiritual. It is quite clear as I read it.


The resurrection is prior to ascension. Physical and then the spiritual body.


Yes, to prove he had his natural body, his flesh and bone, the ascension required only the spiritual body.


Did he rise bodily, only to ascend and leave his body behind as a snake sheds its skin?

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Have you read Christian Theology by Millard Erikson? You sound like him. Erickson said that Jesus was raised in a physical body; however, his body was changed to a spiritual body at the ascension by God the Father. Therefore, his body could dwell in heaven. Have you studied Erikson? Remember, those Greek Tools in interpretation do come in handy. Also, the pseudopigraphal Book of Enoch mentions that Enoch had a spiritual body. Does it shock you how much I know?

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Hi beaglelady!

Oh, what kind of shake? Chocolate or vanilla. God bless you.


“snake” – Fixed it!

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You are a nice person. Perhaps Nancy and I will meet you in heaven one day. Oh, I am sorry, but I could not help the bad joke.


Our mortal bodies will be transformed. We won’t be living as disembodied ghosts in the kingdom.


Not read Erikson. Cor 15.46 “What comes first is the natural body, then the spiritual body comes later.” Yes, the perishable mortal coil is left behind dust to dust. The spiritual body for the spiritual heaven. Praise to Enoch.


Reading 1 Corinthians chapter 15 would be helpful here. And I mean reading the whole thing, and not cherry-picking verses.