Prayer requests for this summer?

(Chris Stump) #1

@Homeschool_Forum At this time of transition away from school, are there things we can be praying for you and your family? It will be my privilege to lift these up before the throne of grace.

(Bruce Holt) #2

@cstump ,

I deeply appreciate your invitation to let you know ways you can be praying for us.

I think anyone who has followed my posts on this forum the past few months can surmise some of the major issues I am concerned about regarding my son’s education. There are more specific things I would love to let you know about, but I’m not inclined to express them in this public forum. I tend to be a fairly private person and find myself out of the mainstream as our society becomes increasingly influenced by “social-media” communication. The amount I’ve shared already has been very atypical for me.

Is there an opportunity to contact you directly? I think perhaps the BioLogos portal provides a means for that, but I’m not familiar with how it is done and I want to first ensure you would welcome such communication.

Again, thank you so much for your heart to pray for those you are serving!


(Chris Stump) #3

Sure. I’ll send you a note.