Polygenesis: were there many Adams and Eves?

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I can believe in one of two theories about how the earth was populated? Was it by monogenesis as the Roman Catholic Church says, i.e., was there only one set of Adam and Eve or was it by polygenesis: were there many colonies of Adams and Eves? Is that how Cain found his wife?

(Patrick ) #2

Genetics and fossil records show that there were as many as ten different humans species that lived from a million years ago to 40,000 years ago all over Africa, Asia and Europe. From 40,000 years ago only one of those species survived - us. As genetics have shown there has never been less than tens of thousands of humans on Earth during the past million years and at 40,000 years ago there were perhaps more than a million people spread over Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australasia.

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