Podcast: Kyle Van Houtan | Knowledge of the Universe

Kyle Van Houtan was one of our plenary speakers at the Creation Care Summit and we recorded this episode when he was in town then!

Kyle Van Houtan has always had a curious mind. From growing up in a military family hopping around coastlines to splitting time between his biology PhD and theology classes while at Duke, Kyle has always been driven to see his faith in light of science and his science in light of faith. As a Christian who is also a scientist, his understanding of the immensity and urgency of climate change demands he understand his call to be a steward of the earth as one to fight against climate disaster; as a scientist who is also a Christian, he feels compelled to foster the Christian virtue of hope in spite of these grim realities.

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I really related to this one. Not only because of the general creation care aspects, and a love for ecology and theology, but also because we are both part of coastal USA on the Gulf of Mexico. I looked to see how far away Juno Beach is and it is only 10 hours away which is way shorter and cheaper on a flight. Sounds like a cool place to visit and see rehabilitation for animals.


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