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Can anyone help me with this? Can anyone explain? This is one of my friends who is really into conspiracy theories. :pensive: My main question is about the timeline. Is it normal to request 75 years??

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That sounds silly. I would ask for the source of that claim, if you could without alienating anyone. Docs? @glipsnort, @Randy, @jpm

This would appear to refute it:

This is the link for her source.

I do not know the details, but it appears this request for records is an attempt to clog the system is not a valid inquidry. When googled, it appears there are over 300,000 pages that have to be scanned, names and confidential information redacted etc. before release, All by a staff of 10, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. As you stated, the studies themselves are readily avalable, but the request is essentially for every scrap of paper and email etc. associated with those studies. I wonder who is going to look at it as it is released.
Again, I do not know the inside scoop, and that is just conjecture and my first impression. In any case, record requests are a problem as outlined here: MRSC - BIG Public Records Requests

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