"Outer Space" Bacteria?

I read a very brief report (here) a few minutes ago about Russian cosmonauts claiming that bacteria “from outer space” were living on the outer surface of the International Space Station. I find the claim rather unlikely, but if this were hypothetically confirmed, what effect would you expect it to have on young earth creationist arguments?

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To be fair, if it were confirmed as ET bacteria (not DNA based?) I don’t know what effect that would have on me!


I would not be surprised to find there was an exotic Earth-based bacteria that frequents the troposphere in the form of a virtual aerosol.

Wisps of gas would frequently get stirred up into lower orbital levels, with the slightest blast of a rocket stabilizer or follow-on tropospheric gust, sending these microscopic dots up into higher and higher orbits. “Given enough time, Life always finds a way.”


Given the ubiquitous nature of biofilms on earth, it would not be all that much of a shock, but still pretty amazing if bacteria could live in such a harsh environment. It would be very difficult to determine if they were space bugs, or the more likely earth transplants.


This (if it were true that these were e.t. bacteria) would be a massively earth-shaking discovery for all of us! Forget microbes surviving in space (which is fascinating enough in its own right) – this news would dwarf that for all of us, YEC or not! E.T. life is a bit of a holy grail right now, is it not? Worth planning to send probes to dig through miles of ice on Europa to see if anything is living in the oceans underneath. To think that some of it came to us would be fantastic.

Which means … it’s probably not any of this or we would be hearing a lot more about it.

Nah…the govamint don’t want us to know.

I’m not sure it would make much difference, given that the YEC position is not really about evidence. I guess it depends on how “nonnegotiable” an issue that would be, or what might be disrupted by it. If it would in any way challenge the age of the earth, then I’m sure a creative workaround would be developed.

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I also find it rather unlikely but I guess if true ken ham will be looking for another debate. well, if you excuse me, i’m about to watch a lecture on intelligent design from kenneth miller!

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Which lecture?

Glad you asked.

Ignore the blurry thumbnail, the quality of the video is actually much better than the thumbnail reveals.

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