Open call for new BioLogos writers

(Brad Kramer) #1

I’m currently in the process of expanding our list of BioLogos guest authors. We accept submissions from anybody, provided that they can demonstrate solidarity with our mission and appropriate credentials. I’m not posting this to our social media pages because we tend to get too many submissions from obviously unqualified people that take up too much time to sort through. But this is a community that already is invested in the origins discussion and understands the BioLogos take on these matters (as well as our preferred “tone”), and there’s several people here who I think would be great candidates for guest contributors.

A note on “qualifications”: This means much more than just a doctorate. Lots of people with minimal formal education write about these issues for us, provided that they’ve got an interesting personal narrative or unique angle on the origins debate. So don’t let your education level (or age) scare you away. That said, if you want to write about modern genetics research or something like that, it helps if you’re a geneticist.

The first step is writing me at (or sending me a private message on the Forum) with a summary of your background/qualifications and a brief proposal of what you’d like to write about.


(Brad Kramer) #2


Surely you meant “a summary of your background”

(Brad Kramer) #4

Yep, good catch.

(Dennis Venema) #5

Deletion mutation. It happens. :slight_smile:

(Robert J. Kurland, Ph.D.) #7

Sorry Beagle Lady, I thought I was replying to Brad Kramer’s invitation.

Thanks for the invitation Brad, I’ve emailed you with a more detailed account.

(Brad Kramer) #8


What kinds of things are you looking for?