On Youtube: A Gen Xer's journey re. science and religion for Gen Z

(josh abraham) #21

YEC groups tend to be very insular and disconnected from the larger discourse. Thanks for your personal story.

(josh abraham) #22

I will address the “order-chaos” issue in a future post

(josh abraham) #23

Postman’s insights continue to shake my world daily. Especially his thought about typography as part of Americans’ daily life in the Lincoln-Douglas era.

(josh abraham) #24

Thanks for the extended story----I have noticed that the “biblical womanhood” topic tends to be put forth most actively by the Reformed leaders such as John Piper. Wayne Grudem believes evangelical feminism leads to endorsement of homosexuality as a lifestyle eventually. Feminism and evolution are topics that seem to flow together with those who are creationists. Or I should say, YECs for example tend to be strong anti-feminists as well. They read feminism as support for abortion.

(Christy Hemphill) #25

I think both topics center on “straight-forward” versus “culturally contextualized” reading of the Bible. The hermeneutical issues at play in both debates are often the same and the charge of “low view of Scripture” is thrown at Evangelical feminists just like ECs.


Thanks Christy for sharing some of your story. I too had a bit of worldview shake-up back at Wheaton and it was beneficial meeting Christians from diverse backgrounds.