Oldest fossils found

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ICYMI: “3.7-billion-year-old rock may hold earth’s oldest fossils.”

Posting here just to share fascinating stuff about God’s creation with folks who care… and to have something new on the Forum other than change and time. :slight_smile:


I saw that news story–thanks for posting! I know what you mean about change and time. It’s remarkable how people are allowed to come here and establish an outpost for their nutty ideas. Before the current guy, there was Atomic Biology man and several more before him. Some things never change!

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Yes, and then there’s one former poster who shall remain nameless who would have looked at the article I posted above and say that it was proof positive, not that science is self-correcting, but that evolution is an unfalsifiable theory. “I mean, if they can move back the origin of life by 200 million years just like that, then they could just as easily accommodate human remains in the Cambrian!” :slight_smile:

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