NT Wright & Francis Collins SING together!

In case you missed the discussion last night, these two friends also added in a little treat for everyone - a duet done across the pond from each other!

Those of you who attended the Houston BioLogos conference may remember this gem that Tom wrote for them to sing together.

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I recorded that Houston duet on my phone (actually has a little better harmony than the zoom version, but that is to be expected.)
That reminds me, next year is the year for a Biologos meeting. I am sure that is still up in the air, but if it takes place, where is it planned? Someplace cool, I hope. (both figuratively and literally!)

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WELL I think it looks (for now) like everything will be pushed back a year. (Hopefully a Creation Care summit in 2021, and the Conference in 2022.) We had picked a location, but not sure if it will still be a viable venue by that time, even! I’m sure we will be doing a lot of “back to the drawing board.” Lots of things to consider. But hey, we always try to be cool, Phil! :wink:

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A creation care conference sounds great! Maybe someplace where nature is awesome.

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