Newbigin's challenge to secularism (Does it exist?)

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You got me there! haha. I’m going off your small bit, but I’m also going off his preface and the authors whom he credits for his main ideas. I’m familiar enough with them to recognize where I think Newbigin is wrong, and it is the same fault as you find with most other Christian analyses of culture. Schaeffer, who fancied himself a philosopher, mistook 20th century philosophy for culture; Kuyper, the politician, mistook politics for culture; and both of them mistakenly concluded that the church’s mission was to transform the culture, rather than to be salt, light, yeast, etc., as Christ taught.

I think the culture probably could be subdivided into an infinite number of subcultures. Your last point is one that has been used over and over to justify a distrust of “experts” and intellectuals in the Culture War. The predictable reaction was seen in the Texas textbook controversies, where the president of the State Board of Education could declare publicly that we couldn’t trust the “experts” with something as important as the science curriculum.

Yes, I was just making the distinction between a fact and a value.

Well, I spent the majority of my teaching career teaching English. I’m fine with the touchy-feely stuff in education. Wait. Let me rephrase that … Lol

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