New Podcast! Deb Haarsma | Break Forth into Praise

In this episode, @DeborahHaarsma, president of BioLogos takes a turn in the interviewee’s seat. She tells her own story of an interest in science from a young age and how she was able to hold closely to her faith through her study of physics and a PhD in astronomy. But that doesn’t mean she has everything figured out—she also talks about some of the questions that remain unresolved. Even in the face of uncertainty, it is God’s glory, which she finds in abundance, including in the study of our vast universe, which turns her always back to praise.


Looking forward to listening to this tomorrow.


Just listened to it. I enjoyed it. I liked that she voiced her questions on the theological aspects of original sin, was Adam immortal or not and how sin spread. I believe that scripture shows a good answer to all of that. But I can’t respond in depth at the moment. I’ll share my thoughts later though and am curious what all others believe on it.

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