New Malaria Vaccine

We am deeply grateful to all those, including @glipsnort , who have worked for the production of various vaccines.

The WHO announced the approval of a new malaria vaccine. It’s another example of how a very difficult pest presents a huge obstacle to prevention… Insect repellent, mosquito nets, and this newly approved (long in the developing) vaccine all remain very important in preventing a terrible disease.
Historic go-ahead for malaria vaccine to protect African children - BBC News


Agreed. Malaria annually kills over 400,000 people (mostly children) and debilitates many more. It also tends to become drug resistant (evolution in action). The new vaccine is being recommended for children in areas where P. falciparum (the most deadly variety of malaria) is being transmitted. It does require 4 doses and it won’t eliminate malaria as a threat on its own (the efficacy is quite low, far lower than most Covid-19 vaccines but still could save tens of thousands of children’s lives annually). There are other vaccines against malaria being developed with perhaps far higher efficacy. It is also the first vaccine against a protozoa (all other vaccines are for viruses or bacteria) which makes it a new type of medical weapon.

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