New here and looking for science curriculum

Hello all,

I began homeschooling my 14 year old daughter this past fall. The tutorial she is in doesn’t cover any science to speak of other than reading the book, Defeating Darwinism.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good science curriculum? Looking mainly at biology, anatomy, chemistry and such.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Franklin, TN


Welcome! I’m also homeschooling and have done my own searching for science curriculum. My kids are younger though, so without personal experience with that age I can at least point you to the BioLogos resources page if you haven’t seen it already:

Good luck!


Check out Novare Science and Math!

They have biology, chemistry, physics, etc that is aligned with both mainstream science and a Creator.


These look great. My wife and I do not homeschool, but is there a Sunday School curriculum that is not evolution averse?

There was some good stuff in this thread about Classical Conversations. Not sure if that is what you are using, but they also use Defeating Darwinism.

The best science curriculum in my opinion uses mainstream science texts. I’ve written up a couple articles that might give you some ideas of options to pursue:

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“Defeating Darwinism” is an anti-evolution Intelligent Design book.

Hi Danny,
We did CC for a number of years though my 9th grader is now in a Christian school. I did supplement science in Challenge. When we were in it, 7-8th grade (Chall A-B) didn’t cover enough science material and 9-11th (Chall 1-3) used Apologia…far too YEC focused for us. In middle school we added the Prentice Hall Science Explorer series. At the school my son now attends, they use Campbell Biology in 9th & 10th and take the AP exam at the end of 10th. That might be a good approach if you are in CC, because they do Physical Science in 9th which according to the publisher (Apologia) is a middle school text. Then they do Apologia Biology in 10th grade. If you did Bio in 9th and AP Bio in 10th (with Campbell or whatever texts you prefer…Miller-Levine is great for 9th grade), you’d get the review in class in Chall B at least. That’s what we were planning to do before we decided CC was not the best fit for us.

Even if you’re not in CC, Prentice Hall Science Explorers is a great curriculum for middle school level science. They have about 15 short textbooks that cover life science, earth science and physical science (chem + physics).

We haven’t used Novare but their books look intriguing. I believe they are in the process of writing the Bio text…they have all the other middle and high school sciences.

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@Randy I haven’t personally used it, but Pete Enn’s “Telling God’s Story” is sometimes listed as a Bible or Sunday school curriculum. He is an evolutionary creationist although I’m not sure it comes up in the curriculum.

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Thanks. I forgot that he had written a curriculum like that. I’ll read about it. Thanks!

We’re using that for our Bible curriculum in homeschool, and I like it. The first two years have been focused on Jesus, so nothing about the age of the earth has come up. It looks like there is a different author for the years beyond 2 though.

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