New Book: Climate, Catastrophe, and Faith

Just heard about this book that sounds fascinating:

Climate, Catastrophe, and Faith: How Changes in Climate Drive Religious Upheaval

by Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History at Baylor U.

In Climate, Catastrophe, and Faith historian Philip Jenkins draws out the complex relationship between religion and climate change. He asserts that the religious movements and ideas that emerge from climate shocks often last for many decades, and even become a familiar part of the religious
landscape, even though their origins in particular moments of crisis may be increasingly consigned to remote memory. By stirring conflicts and provoking persecutions that defined themselves in religious terms, changes in climate have redrawn the world’s religious maps, and created the global
concentrations of believers as we know them today.

We can’t afford to ignore our current climate crisis!! I must read this book.

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The most recent megacryometeor incident that I’m aware of:


If they are climate change related, expect more.

I asked my library to order this for me.

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it is to be expected that ongoing extreme climate changes and extreme events will stir up even more current social and religious conflicts that have been present for decades. That happens when people feel threatened in their existence and fight over food and resources. Religiously inspired revolutionaries will stir conflict along racial and cultural lines.

That is why we need Christian renewal that embraces 'the other" and personal responsibility to meet the changes that will occur.

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Climate change caused the Syrian crisis 10 years ago. Fundamentalist peasants were driven in to Aleppo as their crops failed.

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We’ve already seen this happening. Desperate refugees fleeing to the US, while the right engages in hateful rhetoric and acts.

…not to mention climate change denial.

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