New Blog Post: From a Scientist to Her Parents

Hope this can be a helpful point-by-point guide to sharing vaccine information with your loved ones.


That is definitely helpful.


Agreed, this is a useful little blog both in terms of content, but also striking a balanced tone that is friendly and respectful, relaxed yet authoritative. Not easy, especially when talking to those who know us best.


A bit of trivial knowledge that could help break the ice.

The word “vaccine” comes from the Latin vaccinus which means “from cows”. The first vaccine was a cowpox virus that offered protection against smallpox. So the very first vaccine was a less deadly virus that protected against a much more deadly virus.

The mRNA vaccines are essentially a much, much safer synthetic virus. The coronavirus is an RNA genome wrapped in a lipid bubble, and that RNA carries over 20 genes. The mRNA vaccine is a lipid bubble that carries just one of the genes from the coronovirus, and it isn’t able to replicate like the actual coronavirus.


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