Nephilim and the local flood?

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The scientific evidence does not support the possibility of a world wide flood. Therefore it was a local flood.

The “sons of god” are not angels, they are God’s chosen people. Angels are messengers and servants, not the children of God. Thus Genesis chapter 6 is about who Cain and Seth married, which is not sisters never mentioned in the text but the daughters of all those other people out there who Cain was so afraid of in Genesis 4:14. The children were giants among men, i.e. men of reknown – leaders of human civilization, not some weird half human hybrid (which makes for great fun in sci-fi films, I admit, but not reasonable for the religion of rational people).

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I don’t buy the Sethite theory, since it didn’t appear on the scene until long after genesis was written, I also don’t understand why the offspring would be men of such renown.

I think the rulers interpretation is more natural, since Shimon Bar Yochai pointed out that Bnei HaElohim may actually mean ‘mighty ones’ not sons of God. And even if it did mean Sons of God, the king in OT times was called God’s son (Psalm 2) as was the Pharaoh of Egypt. The forceful taking of wives, and shortening of lifespans also fits kings such as Gilgamesh quite well.


Absolutely! For if it was Global, no Nephilim could have anywhere to go in order to survive.

The real question is, what ARE the Nephilim? I am of the opinion that they are basically what ‘The Bigshow’ is to a Chinaman… GIANT! But not an ACTUAL Giant in race/species terms.


Perhaps the Nephilim were one or more species of gigantopithecus . Makes as much sense as anything else, and there is fossil evidence.

Now you might think it’s ridiculous
That me, a gigantipithicus
Would ever dream I’d like to team
With the likes of you, mancub
But together, we’d have powers
All the jungle’s treasures, ours
I got desire, you got the fire
But the dream I dream takes two

-King Louie

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