NDEs, why do some people see something and others nothing?

I’m sure most of us have heard of NDEs (near death experiences) and have heard accounts from those who have had them, what gets me is some see something be it family, friends, a bright light, etc and some see nothing at all. What causes these images or lack there of? Does it have something to do with neurons or something else?

For one thing… there is no getting around the fact that we are dealing with the subjective reality of personal experiences. It is not something which could ever be tested with procedures which give the same result regardless of what we want and believe. Therefore, skeptics will always be able to dismiss them as not meaning anything. But the same objections which apply to religion apply to these experiences as well. Nothing gets more real than a personal experience of something and yet these will never supply a basis for a reasonable expectation that others will believe in them also.

Yes people will most likely be able to supply scientific explanations of the majority of experiences. But that only ends the discussion for those who want it to end there.


The only one that I have heard it perhaps less than informative:

When my grandfather had been in the hospital for three days during treatment of his pericardial infection (18 years ago), he decided that a bit of washing up would be a good idea, got out of bed, and walked over to the sink in his room, and started putting dry shampoo into his hair.
A few moments later, his nurse came racing into the room, looking rather perturbed, as he had flatlined. He was still standing up, combing his hair. It turned out that he had disconnected the cord from the monitor.

When he phoned my father to tell his about this, my father commented that his combing his hair at the time proved he was de-parted.


Well - when he does get to heaven - there will be no parting there.


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