NASA scientist predicts Grand Solar Minimum

NASA researcher has predicted that next solar cycle 25 will be the lowest sunspot activity in at least 200 years. Other researchers have predicted the similar activity for the upcoming solar cycle. This affirms what was predicted last year. Grand solar minima have been associated with changes in the jetstream and ocean currents. This is what was discussed last year.

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As a ham radio person, this is sad news… :cry:

My condolences on your ham radio problems. Well, if the model predictions of the suns magnetic field are true these grand minima usually come in groups of 2-3 cycles so should last for the next 30 years or so. We are not sure whether this is a 200-400 or longer cycle event yet. The great thing is that anyone can say what they want about the effects of the grand minima but now we get to experience first hand with all our technology to study these events on our climate. We are now in the normal cycle minimum but if this is a cusp of a grand minima then we will be able to study the effects of a grand solar minimum on the climate and our earth.

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