My personal view on God

I have been raised a southern Baptist in rural country area in NC. They didn’t teach evolution in schools at all because of being in the bible belt and teachers personal beliefs. As a child I was very religious but as an adult i learned all the fascinating things TRUTH of the world and became atheist, but then i had a breakthrough. Every religion has a God that created us descending from the sky SPACE or sent Angels or other heavenly ET brings to communicate with us. I personally believe God created us in his image, THE BRAIN, as he put in every living creature on the planet. And that our way to communicate with him is through our thoughts, and many things in the bible are politically influenced over time to gain advantages for power. I think God has communicated with all religions in some sort of way. As with his evil counterpart. Leaving out evolution and other things. I’ve started writing my beliefs out in detail and I believe it could change the world view, as long as no one thinks I’m crazy, I’m 35 and archaeology nut and mystery nut. And my observations of all religions and other super natural occurrences that have been claimed to happen, Please feel free to reply and share your thoughts

Very few people change worldviews without interacting extensively with what other thinkers/writers are saying. So I would suggest that instead of just writing out your thoughts, you read what other people have said and try to relate what you think to what has already been proposed/claimed/supposedly proven. Otherwise you’re just some guy talking into the void.

This is false. It may be true of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism, but many of the Eastern and animistic indigenous religions are god-less or polytheistic and don’t have a similar concept of heaven and earth as separate realms.

Many things in the Bible have been used over time in power struggles. But are you claiming that what is in the Bible is there because it was politically motivated. What do you base this on? Can you give an example?

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