My answer to an Athiest

I was once asked by an Athiest why I believed in God. She asked me "But what about science"
I told her science to me, is God. It proves his perfection to me.



And how did your friend (if she is indeed a friend) respond? It’s good for all of us to be close enough to people that we can open up these big questions together without fearing for the security of any relationships involved. I know you didn’t specify that this was a friend and might have been a total stranger, which in some ways makes such argument easier. But it also means we more easily devolve into just leaving the conversation/person behind forever and so don’t have to invest anything of ourselves into any relationship.

Amen to the thought that creation helps reveal aspects of God more closely to us --if I can interpret your response in that way. I probably would have chosen different wording as it may appear heavy-handed to just “equate science to God” which so many will take in directions that perhaps you didn’t intend.

Welcome to the forum, by the way! (or my apologies for treating you like a newcomer if you’ve been here a while and I’ve just been out of it.) Either way, say more about your experiences.

The perfect answer!

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As an atheist, I give that answer a big thumbs up. I don’t share your beliefs, but we can both agree that there doesn’t need to be a conflict between religion and science. There are tens of thousands of scientists who share your viewpoint.

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If every atheist was like you, the world would be a better place. Thanks for the understanding, even though you weren’t replying to me, haha. I think people need to be more understanding and gracious on both sides of the divide. And amen to the fact that there is no conflict between religion and science!

In my experience, the majority of atheists are like myself. They hold no hostility towards religion and just want to be able to live their lives as they see fit. The only time atheists really get their hackles up is when people attempt to enshrine religious rules into secular law, or use our tax dollars to evangelize for a specific religion.

Agreed, that’s my experience as well. As usual it’s just a few of the ones who speak the loudest who get all the attention, hence “New Atheism” seems more common than it really is.

It’s a bit hard to group people by what they don’t believe in or don’t do. It’s like trying to categorize everyone who doesn’t play golf, or trying to generalize about people who don’t collect stamps. Among atheists, there are tons of different attitudes, worldviews, and political aspirations. There are even atheists who believe in all sorts of woo, like homeopathy or crystal power. IOW, stereotypes don’t work that well for atheists.


or for theists either.

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Or anyone. I loath stereotypes, trust me. I wasn’t trying to draw a stereotype, if that’s what it looked like I was doing. I agree with everything said, from Mervin and aquaticus.

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