Mu Variant: What do we know?

My RN mother tells me I need to read up on the mu variant to stay ahead of the curve for my COVID info policing duties here.

Who has good articles to educate me and the ignorant public?


How depressing if it turns out to be resistant to our vaccines. Look forward … well … I feel like I’d better keep up with what gets shared here.

It is a “variant of interest,” not a “variant of concern” at the moment.

So I guess we wait and see.

That is my impression. It remains to be seen what will happen with it. One article said it may be less transmissable, but this article states it may be more.

There will be many more variants that will come and go. I really can’t see how it could get much worse than Delta as far as infectiousness, and hopefully future variants will lose some severity as they spread.

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