Loryn Phillips: On Being a Christian Woman in Science

Loryn Phillips talks about ASA’s CWIS, and her journey as a scientist!


Thank you for sharing your story of faith and science; along with the courageous journey through cancer. My experience was different in that I was faith leader as a Christian pastor then Navy Chaplain. I earned a PhD in Health Psychology in 2014 and it took 7 years and after I being retired in 2020 for others to see me beyond my clergy identity to view me as a scientist. Good news I got hire by the Navy in 2021 as their first Resiliency Program Manager and now they call me Dr. Stallard to differentiate my new role in the Navy. I ask to call me Dan but they honor my scientific knowledge. Also, I still share how my faith influences my work. Trying to live my best life for God’s glory!


Welcome to the Forum! Glad you are inspired by this story.

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