Looking to Jesus during COVID-19

For many of us who have been made to social distance due to COVID-19 and not be able to attend many things like church it strike a toll on you in a way. For me I always loved going to church each Sunday as it was a reboot in energy for me to make it through the rest of the next week. As of now it has been odd as I’m not able to be with my church family but I am thankful that I am able to watch my church do live steam services so for that I am thankful :slight_smile:
But for me another wack for me is the lack of contact with what “little” friends i have in terms of personally meeting with them. Plans to do our monthly hangout was called off due to our respect for those certain friends families who wish to isolate in a more conservative manner and so far we have been communicating when we go online when playing games or sharing memes. As of now my classes have started again as spring break has ended for me and I’m now grappling with online classes (which are a nightmare in themselves :persevere: :scream:)
But, despite that and all these things I still have faith that God is in control of all this and Christ is Lord and King over all and I plan to greet Easter Sunday with rejoicing and hymns knowing that despite what is going on, Christ my Lord still lives and lives evermore for me and is with me in these times and with us and hears our prayers. In this season of Lent I look to what Jesus did in the wilderness and how He looked to the Father for help and the church can look from that example in that during these times in our modern wildernesses we can look to the Father to help us and sustain us with the emotional and spiritual support we need and also take time to pray for those who need it most and thank God that He is far above COVID-19 and LORD over all.


Sending thoughts to you! I’m sure many of us are feeling similar feelings right now! I had lunch plans before our shelter in place, and we are actually going to do it via video call tomorrow. I miss being able to just check in with my coworkers because they’re sitting there next to me. I’ve found that I have used FaceTime and Marco Polo apps much more frequently just so I can see people’s faces.

We are all trying to find ways to deal, especially for those of us who like more social interaction than others!

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