Look out for demons!

This is a deleted scene from the film “Jesus Camp.” (It’s a very disturbing film and I was criticized for saying that it’s child abuse.) The entire “Jesus Camp” film is available online. Anyway, in this deleted scene a pastor is at a home communion service, and a guest is explaining how you can tell when demons are affecting the children in their care, and what to do about it. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Child abuse and demons… here you go! Isn’t it just disgraceful? The daily Beast.

Wait, this is a documentary? A documentary? There are real people who think like this?

Yes, Jesus Camp is a documentary about fundaloon Christians and their camp to indoctrinate children. It’s a far cry from the normal, joyful camps and Vacation Bible Schools offered by more mainstream Christian groups. These Jesus Camp people in the film are extremists! At one time I watched the whole film online; hopefully you can find it also. Both fascinating and disturbing, it illustrates the observation that demon possession follows belief in demons.

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People really need to join the dots on this one.

Here’s another scene from the “Jesus Camp” movie: Harry Potter is sinful.
The batty preacher claims that if Harry Potter had lived in Old Testament times, he would have been put to death.
Well, newflash: Harry Potter has never been alive at any time.

Is it right to suck the joy out of childhood like this? And scare the crap out of children?

@Jonathan_Burke You can stream the “Jesus Camp” film for 2 or 3 bucks right from the Amazon site.

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