Life after death

Are you confused?Im just saying that people might have went to heaven even before Christ came.They belived in the same God after all

I believe that all of those who died satisfying God’s requirements in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament are in heaven now.

The only difference between our views, is that those who died before Christ were placed in a comfortable place called Abraham’s bosom. And only after Christ died did they enter into heaven.

When a True Christian dies or is killed, they will Sleep in Jesus Christ:

1Th_4:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

According to Plain Scriptures they are ASLEEP, not in Heaven when they died. These are those that Rise FIRST when Jesus Gets here at the 7th Trumpet Sounding. Then Jesus will travel with those SAINTS around the World again Raising the Living True Christians.

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Yep and we never go to heaven. Heaven comes down to us. The Holy Jerusalem comes down to earth.

Wow, you are not far from the Kingdom of God. In my 53 years of life. NOBODY has said this to me. It was always me saying it to others.

God Bless you, and may the Holy Spirit of Truth continue to guide you into all Truths, which is the ONLY way you could have came upon the teaching you just told me.

The Holy City Jerusalem does indeed come to Earth, and wherever the Father and the Son are, is where Heaven is at. The Earth becomes a footstool for the Holy City Jerusalem.

But know this, even though Heaven will be the Center of the Universe, when the Father and Lamb are Here. The Universe is Heaven.

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Beliefs vary considerably because the there is not so much information about this in the Bible, and what there is tends to be interpreted in a great many different ways.

On this the Bible, and Jesus particular is clear that the answer is yes.

First of all you should know that even science doesn’t believe in the notion of absolute time any more. So there is no reason to ask what people will be doing in some great expanse of time after their death and before judgement – no more than there is a reason to ask about a time before the Big Bang or what God did before creating the universe. There is no need to fit things into some chronology like that. The Bible does not speak of any such personal time before the judgement and thus there is no reason to believe in any such time before the judgement.

Though personally I don’t believe the descriptions of the judgement should be taken literally – as in people lining up or being in some kind of court room. And I certainly don’t think heaven and hell is about judging the merits of our actions in life anyway. I think it really comes down to one simply choice: life or death – do we choose to change and leave our sins behind or do we cling to them and the destruction they must bring to us. The either or of heaven and hell is the simple matter of there only being two directions in which we can go, creation or destruction. Will we change, learn, and grow or will our sins consume and destroy everything of value within us?

Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote that hell is the impossibility of loving more

So when is the literal Parousia? When will the hundred billion dead rise? What has happened on all the infinite worlds of eternity already? What is a soul?

I have to be prepared early to upload my conciousness into eternity. You may write a book to encourage other to to become part of the eternal God but to dream of being your eternal self is futile. When the time comes to take your last breath you will experience time dilation as your input seizes and your processor is released from a lot of those routine tasks that slow it down. You can have years in minutes of those round you like you may already have experienceed in your dreams and will start to experience eternity. It is at that point Jesus will come again and be at your side if he lives inside you and take you by your hand. We just have to find the courage to switch over and live in Jesus as he lives in you. He atoned us by taking away our fear of death by showing that we can go through the worst of sufferings if we go back under Gods authority as it was our rejection to live in his authority to become our “self” that got us into this mess and it is the the giving up of that self in the love for others that makes us go back in him again. Jesus told us where hi is, in every one that needs his help and lets him in, he is with them in their suffering. Our task is to see him there and help accordingly… If we think of him in being his own self we have not understood him.

As I allways say

To live forever
is the art
to learn to live
in Jesus heart.

If you want to be your self for all eternity you will suffer the consequences.

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