Let Us Not Lose Heart on Vaccination

Even if we were to accept the entirely unsupported number you put forward of 14000 deaths as being “because of the vaccine”, even then - that would still be a quite low percentage of the hundreds of millions who have been vaccinated without significant incident. And if even a fraction of those actually existed as documentable real cases, there would be explosions of “sorry vaxxer” web sites and obituaries that would be trumpeted all across the web and conservative media outlets. We would never hear the end of it. Instead we see bottomless lists of “sorry anti-vaxxers”, and realities that again and again fail to support your fears.

Can you understand why there are so many people who regret listening to these unsupportable fears that have so riveted your attention? We want to be promoting real data like Pevaquark does above. How should you respond when real data continually shows your fears unjustified and even harmful?


Amen. Thanks for this–see one of the positive outcomes, here!
Russell Dickert, 66, Browns Mills, NJ. Loves to fish, ex-anti-vaxxer, rehabing from COVID (sorryantivaxxer.com)

Every time I have a patient admitted, intubated, or die with Covid, I have a sick feeling in my stomach. It is happening all too often lately. The morbidity is incredibly less with the vaccine. Thanks.


Thank you Randy for posting the link regarding Russell Dickert.

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This is getting into the realm of blatant false statements. It misrepresents numbers as being something they are not. Even if 17,128 people have died, it in no way means it was FROM the vaccines. Here are a couple of articles explaining how VAERS works. One of the articles stated that there were actually only 3 deaths directly attributed to the vaccine, which may be low, but shows the difference in what is being presented and what is actually verified as causative.


The last 2 years have been pretty difficult. However, I’m just starting to get some more hope with the vaccine.

Thank you for your hard work.

I am curious–how do you feel about other vaccines? Andrew Wakefield, MMR, polio, Hep B?

I grew up in West Africa, where 1/3 of the population had Hep B, an easily preventable disease… About a third of them died of cirrhosis and cancer. In addition, many, including some missionary kids, died of preventable diseases.

I do think that more people, including PAs and medical students, need to know about both VAERS and drug post marketing reports. That would take away a lot of angst. I am afraid that it’s probably better to trust people who know what they’re talking about, like epidemiologists and virologists; folks like Dr Fauci and Dr Collins. They really know their stuff–more than you or I do.

One example of post marketing confusion with meds you may have run in to-- levothyroxine “causes” fatigue. This is misleading, likely post marketing, and not really a true, or factually based, report. In fact, a relative of mine with heart disease felt tired. When he read that his levothyroxine, which improves energy by replacing a lack of thyroid, could cause fatigue (on the pharmacy print out of post marketing list, I think), he stopped his levothyroxine. Instead of reporting an anginal problem, he treated himself by stopping his thyroid med. Unfortunately, he felt more tired. He did eventually see the cardiologist, but post marketing information needs clarification.

Thank you for your excellent service to the folks in Gastonia (near Charlotte; my sister was an ICU nurse across the state to the north, in Greensboro. She took care of quite a few people who died of Covid. She is now a missionary in Africa). It is a pleasure to meet and discuss with you.


You work 45 minutes (roughly) east of where I live! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A wider view to the topic can be seen by looking in the history of vaccinations. I just read a bit about that.

As far as I understood, the first vaccinations were against the smallpox. At least in my country, the most eager opponents of the vaccinations were people offering ‘natural’ treatments to sick people. They had ideological and possibly also financial reasons to oppose medical treatments. Some believers and other people joined them, strengthened by international connections between people having similar kind of ideas. When reading old advertisements of that time, one can find almost all claims that are used today against covid vaccines.

The first vaccinations were made by a method that sometimes lead to serious side effects. The method was ‘hand to hand’, where the virus was put into a small wound in the arm. When the wound formed fluids, these fluids were used in the vaccination of the next patients. This method also transfered other diseases between the patients. This naturally caused suspicion and opposition against vaccines.

When the vaccination developed by the use of needles and vaccines that did not originate from humans, the acceptance of the vaccines increased. One fact that worked in favor of vaccinations was that a high number of unvaccinated people died while only few of the vaccinated succumbed.

When new vaccines were developed and the benefits of vaccination became more evident, the majority of people started to have a positive or neutral attitude towards vaccination. Only a small and loud minority remained critical against vaccinations.

So, nothing new in the current situation. The facts about the benefits of vaccination will convince most people, sooner or later. As during earlier history, a small and loud minority will continue to oppose vaccinations.


Except perhaps how astoundingly safe the new ones now are, compared with these long-ago, still largely successful predecessors.


Hi Randy,
Thanks for your kind words. Please go not think I am an anti-vaxxer, because I gave MMR, Heptovax and supported polio vaccines. I thought Andrew Wakefield was way off the mark, but keeping vigilant about it. Where’s there’s so much smoke there may be fire! Anyway, I think there are problems with the mRNA vaccines and think that program should be shut down, because we are seeing diminishing returns, and increasing signals of harm.

You and I have had to evaluate new treatments as they come along for years, for safety, efficacy, and appropriate times to use the treatment, as well as cost and practical access. I don’t know how you handled seeing drug reps, but I was eager to see them because the better ones could bring me up to speed on the new treatment they were selling better than the Medical Letter and meetings. However, that always came at a price of being subjected to slick sales tactics, stretching the truth or out right lies. You develop a 6th sense for people coming at you with an agenda, and that is what I am feeling now from the universal push to use the vaccines. A little healthy skepticism helps keep you out of trouble.

It made no sense to me that we did not try something early on and just told patients to go home and quarantine and come back if you got short of breath, a sure way to have a bad outcome since early treatment in the first 3 days makes a huge difference. When ivermectin came out with positive results in other countries, I said it was a God-send, since 3.7 human doses have been given since 1984 with negligible side effects, and it was showing incredible promise. Instead of saying let’s give it a try, it’s a safe drug, we were told we had to have randomized controlled trials, and some doctors even said we had to discount any trials done in places like Argentina and Egypt, which I thought was incredibly condescending.

Now we have 31 RCT’s, all positive, but are told ivermectin may be removed from distribution. This is a drug cited as a model UN vital medication, with a Nobel prize for its inventors! Doctors have been threatened with being fired if they prescribed it, and a doctor in South Africa was put in prison for trying to use it. Alarm bells should be sounding.

Have you had any experience using it? I am retired but referred friends and relatives to their own doctors and ask for the I-MASK protocol at FLCCC Alliance. Those who could persuade their doctor to do it got well almost immediately. 100% of cases. Those whose doctors refused were able to get it through on-line telephone visits, and again 100% effective. Even my brother in law who developed long-Covid and was going downhill with 82% saturation and bilateral infiltrates, finally got in to see a pulmonologist after 6 weeks. He was given 0.2 mg/kg days 1 and 3, and when he got better but not well, 0.4 mg/kg days 5 and 7, and completely recovered, except for continued slight CXR scarring. He has normal sats now.

I feel like I’m a voice crying in the wilderness, but not alone. Dr. Peter McCullough has been stripped of his directorate of CardioVascular Research at Baylor, and editorship of the Cardio-Renal Journal for daring to counter the narrative. But he continues to raise the alarm.

Also, Randy, I am highly concerned there will be a huge public backlash as problems build. I hope you are giving FULL informed consent when you recommend the Covid mRNA vaccine. There are signs that something is cooking, with a 20% rise of ER visits the past few weeks.

Here is an article about an ABC affiliate fishing for “sorry anti-vaxxer” stories (I had not heard that term before it showed up in the above discussion.)

I am not trying to be a scare-monger. I’m just trying to help people who are absolutely sure that the mRNA vaccines are safe and effective to be cautious and keep their eyes open. It seems to me that the safety warning lights are flashing red, but I appreciate everyone’s effort to reassure me.

The studies on ivermectin are all over the place, but still any benefit seems minimal. This article speaks to some of the difficulty with the studies done:

I’m glad your brother-in law has recovered, but there is even less evidence it is effective or has a mechanism of action on long term effects on the chronic damage done by Covid infections.
I’m curious, did you advocate for the use of hydroxychloroquine? Why do you think you hear almost no one advocating for it now? Once decent studies came in, it was shown ineffective.
Again, personal experience is hard to evaluate. We would still be bloodletting if it were reliable.


Hi Phil,
I certainly don’t want to state any blatantly false or even a little bit false statements, so I am trying to support my warnings that “We have a problem Houston” with facts. For years we have had millions of vaccines given each year and there were always about 1,400 deaths reported on VAERS, and certainly I agree that not all those were really related to the vaccines. This year something entirely different has happened with a rise of reported vaccine deaths to VAERS. The reporting is still difficult and still you have to attest that you thought the death or side effect was a result of the vaccine on threat of prosecution for false statements. So someone thought each of those deaths was related. Probably not all were related, but as I noted above there is under-reporting by about 20-70% on the reporting of anaphylaxis and GBS, and probably the same for deaths.

What is the real number? I don’t know because I have difficulty making the WONDER system work at VAERS. DanielK said he got 9,000. I went back and looked more carefully, and the MedAlerts database of VAERS includes some foreign data and all years since 1990. I was able to exclude all foreign data, and was able to limit to 2020-2021 and came up with 7,633.So the 17,000 number was wrong because foreign data was included, and I apologize. Still, the point is there is a big increase this year compared to previous years. If anyone can show more accurate data I will be most receptive. Thanks.

In addition, I just looked at the Expose article, and if that is what you rely upon for information, it is a sad state of affairs. It is a total distortion. The reason there are more deaths, is that only 21%.of eligible kids are vaccinated, and children (mostly unvaccinated) are leading the way in the latest surge. The lack of vaccination is what is killing these kids.

As stated in the article in the opening post,” Let us follow Christ by speaking the truth and countering misinformation.”


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