Leaving My Fear Behind to Embrace the Wonder of God

We hope you have enjoyed this month’s focus on the personal impact stories of some of the people in our network. We are thankful for the platform we have to educate and then share their stories with others.

Today’s final story is from Sarah. She found faith and science harmony in some unlikely places, that helped shepherd her spiritual journey.

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While I grew up a generation earlier, ,I can relate to the discomfort listening to friends repeating the young earth mantras and being silent while my daughter’s youth group was presented a young earth program riddled with false statements because I didn’t want to undermine the church leadership, which was otherwise wonderful. I still have some shame in that, as I know of several of my friend’s kids who found those presentations repulsive and later left the church. Fortunately, my kids understood that there were other faithful ways to understand scripture.
Thank you for sharing!


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