Keeping the Faith: A Healthcare Worker’s Story of Burnout

An ER nurse shares how her faith in God and support from her church community helps her get through burnout.


The intercom sounds, “Behavior Health Response Team, Psych ER” Three times the voice calls the team to an out of control patient. It is the background muzak for a NY City hospital. My day starts with prayer and I pray throughout the day. I pray for healing, but even more, pray for people’s souls. Many I meet with do not believe in God or have a very vague idea of His goodness, mercy and gifts, through Jesus.

When COVID hit 2 years ago, we were called “Health Care Heroes” but I never felt that and it was no different before COVID then after. The battle of trying to love and heal can only be fought with His strength.

Traveling to and from work is as stressful as being a doctor. Driving in the Bronx where red lights are optional and stop signs mean ‘slow down a little’. The zig zagging of bicycles, mopeds and the like compete with people crossing the street while looking only at their cell phones. I am grateful that I have not injured anyone (so far).

And like a missionary, there are few around who share our love of Jesus. When Samaritan’s Purse set up tents in Central Park, at the beginning of the COVID crisis, the mayor and city forbid them and they had to leave, even at the cost of the lives of New Yorkers. Christians are hated that much here. And how are we to respond? Love them that despitefully use you. He is such a gracious God and deserves all our praise.

I enjoyed your article. Thanks for all you do.


Praise God for giving you the help and strength to continue on, Patricia. Thanks to you for working so hard to help others and for being obedient to Him.

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