John H Whitmore and the Coconino Sandstone?

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Does anyone engage with the research of geologist John H Whitmore and the Coconino Sandstone and its relation/implications for a worldwide flood?

For example:


I took a quick look and immediately lost interest.

Shooting down ONE reason given by people objecting to a worldwide flood and the claim that the grand canyon was formed by such a flood doesn’t even come close to supporting a claim that there was worldwide flood even if their objections to that ONE reason is correct.

For example, we have dated the different layers of the grand canyon showing that the layers exposed by the canyon were formed from 270 million years ago at the highest point to 1,840 million years ago at the lowest point. That leave the last 270 million years in which canyon was cut by the action of the Colorado river. But this makes the idea that such layers were formed by a flood in 40 days ridiculous.

Also regarding young earth Grand Canyon arguments, this refutes the YEC argument about the Kaibab uplift in 11 seconds:

Of topic from your original question, but it should be a compelling argument for the antiquity of the earth:

This is a good book, if you can get your hands on it – it’s only available in paper (it is still a good book even if you can’t get your hands on it :grin:). I requested that my local public library purchase it, and they did! It’s a beautiful book, and nine of the eleven contributing authors are evangelical Christians!

  The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth

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