J. Todd Billings | Good Servant, Tyrannical Master

Medicine is an amazing gift from God. But there are limits to what medicine can do, and when we forget those limits, we forget that God is acting both when bodies are healed and when bodies deteriorate.

J. Todd Billings shares his depth of thought on healing, medicine and chronic disease, which is informed by his own experiences with cancer.

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Thank you for this outstanding interview with J. Todd Billings. His work regarding living our lives in light of impendeing death, meditating daily on the reality of it and using that to guide the way we live our lives, is of outstanding value. Such a reorientation brings a very different focus to what we do with our finite time in the existance we know.
The final 10 or so minutes, where Todd talks about how the Church and church members can best minister to those with chronic illnesses was extremely valuable. If you don’t have time for the entire podcast, you can’t go wrong with the end.


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