It’s the most ‘angry’ time of the year?

From Religion News Service, a new survey highlights just how angry vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans are with each other today.

It’s the most ‘angry’ time of the year?

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Not a good time (and hasn’t been) to be an ICU nurse or a doc that has to deal with COVID. Didn’t read the first one – didn’t need to :neutral_face:, the second one either, really.

I wonder if most of this anger is confined predominantly to online interactions or in the person. I’ve seen very few people in person go off on another without a mask or who refused vaccination. Most of the snark I see is on T shirts and masks like “ wearing mask by force” type of stuff. I wonder if a predominantly liberal area tend to have more or less issues than a very conservative issue. I live in the Bible Belt of south alabama and so the predominant view is very conservative. So most businesses and events don’t enforce masks or vaccines because of loss of income is my guess. But I wonder if it was more equally polarized would each side feel equally confident to be loud about their beliefs.

I got some politically idolatrous right-wing indignation the one time I’ve been to church this year (in July, I think it was, when numbers were going down) and I asked someone about vaccination.

I watch the services online and I still exchange emails with my pastor pretty frequently (typically poking him about something in the sermon ; - ) and mail checks. He liked this podcast, Did I get that from here somewhere?


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