Is there a local chapter of Biologos in Kansas City? Are there local chapters? I am not seeing any listings or references on the website

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Is there a local chapter of Biologos in Kansas City? Do local chapters of Biologos exist?

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Here is an article about ForumC, a Dutch organization of chapters that took inspiration from BioLogos…
But I don’t think BioLogos has yet found its own inspiration for local chapters…

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I don’t think there are local chapters. BioLogos sponsored events are held around the country, and the calendar is posted here.

There is a somewhat local chapter of ASA in Manhattan, KS. Many BioLogos contributors are ASA members. It provides support and networking opportunities for Christians in the sciences.

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thanks for the shout out to Manhattan! We haven’t had an ASA meeting here recently (at least not one I’ve been at), but Keith Miller does help organize “Science Cafe” evenings sponsored by among others, the next of which is about evidences for anthropogenic climate change. I would hope that others could find similar equivalent organisations closer to their own locale. It may help if you are in or near a university town. I don’t know how widespread ASA local chapters are, but if anybody wanted to start one, we could get you connected with the appropriate national contacts who could advise.

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@Nick_Allen We’re still a bit young as an organization to get “chapters” together, but it’s something we are discussing. I echo everything Christy said.

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