Is the Theory of Evolution of Humans complete?

His comment is informed by anti-scientific bias.

Maybe it does? If cooperation keeps evolving exponentially until everyone puts the interests of others and care of the planet ahead of their own interests, maybe together we become One. The Body of Christ (Paul), the Bride of the Lamb (Revelations)

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Er, probably not. Sounds like you’ve been reading too many science-fiction comics. Wake me up when scientists test their theories by producing a living organism from inanimate matter … zzzzzzzz.

Really? How do the laws of biology explain the sudden appearance of fully-formed vertebrate fossils in the Lower Cambrian, with no evidence of evolutionary antecedents?

Thanks Jay, exactly the kind of reading I am looking for! Loving it.


Wouldn’t that be intelligent design?

How are fossils supposed to appear in the fossil record? Are they supposed to slowly fade into existence as we look at them?

Also, how do you determine what a fossil’s ancestors looked like? How do you determine if a fossil had no ancestors that looked different?

I integrate Hrdy into a bigger picture on my podcast/blog. I just finished revising and expanding these thoughts for an article in the peer-reviewed Canadian-American Theological Journal, but Adam’s Evolutionary Journey Pts. 1-3 are up your alley. You can listen to the podcast version or scroll down to read. The footnotes should give you plenty of follow-up on Hrdy, especially Zlatev’s paper.

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Not always. I’m not talking about symbiosis. (Never mind parasitism.) Cooperation on the human scale isn’t inevitable. Here’s a fun article on the evolution of cooperation.

In game theory involving various Theories of Mind, the agent with ToM1 (comparable to chimps and human toddlers) “does not have a direct competitive advantage” over a an agent with a “zero” theory of mind (most other animals). “Instead, the ToM1 agent suffers the cost for achieving a cooperative solution, which leaves the ToM0 agent with the larger piece of pie.”

The game must still be played.

The only one that come to mind involving game theory is A Beautiful Mind. Is that the reference?

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Nice one Jay. Aye, there’s co-operation and co-operation. Trying to co-operate with a non-co-operator and you lose. So play to win and then be kind? Like dealing with psychopaths.

The Tree of Life.

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“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth?.. When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”

Fantastic film! Love me some Terrence Malick. The Thin Red Line was also a classic.

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Here’s a piece I did on Theory of Mind, culture, and mimesis that you might enjoy. It also explains in a round-about way how masks became politicized and a negative role model can affect even adults. Hit play to listen or scroll down to read.


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