Is the Book of Genesis really that far from Evolutionary Creation?

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I have been doing some thinking again about the Book of Genesis and Biologos. Is that statement that we are all related really that far from reality? Doesn’t science say that all creation is related; therefore, the statement that we all descend from two people symbolizes that all creation is related? Consider this topic. May our Lord Jesus bless all of you and give you true life beyond the tomb! I wish that Pope Francis would make a statement on this as well.

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My reaction is try not to read evolution into the text, as the text is not about that. Certainly, I feel the text is compatible with evolution, but it is not addressing evolution or science and we do a disservice to the message if we try to read something there that is not really a part of the meaning of the text. As you say, however, broad concepts as to recognizing all are part of God’s creation, and are common descendants is a conclusion that is reasonable, and delves not into the science but rather the underlying truth and its meaning for us.

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You are a wise man, Phil. I enjoy your writings.


From my own reading, this seems to be a secondary point. The major philosophical point that Genesis seems to be making, in my very humble opinion, is how humans became moral agents. Genesis has Adam and Eve starting out as innocents and not knowing good from evil, kind of like we view animals as being without a sense of morality. Then they ate of the tree, and God said that they now knew of good and evil. To me, the story is trying to explain why humans are different from other animals when it comes to guilt, morality, and their interactions with God.

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I can see that point too.

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I take the view of Relationality, as presented by Rev Sir John Polkinghorne, to be appropriate to both the realm of Quantum Physics as well as biology and human formation and evolution.

The compatibility between the Bible’s creative account is much deeper than dividing it between a spiritual formation/functional account and the scientific evolutionary/heredity. The depths go clear to the Quantum from which all things sprang at 'Let There be light".

We can’t divide the two from each other at any level. It is that the Bible’s account includes the WHY that the biological account cannot answer or explain.

To me the difference between Special Revelation and General Revelation is fairly clear. Most of the arguments here are slopping from one to the other in argument of which is which. There is plenty or room for discovery of the boundaries, but in the end it is not so hard to see once you settle the fact that anything we can see, touch or manipulate is of General Revelation.
My two cents worth.

Ray :sunglasses:

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