Is God being itself? Part 2

God is not composed of love and justice, it is not his essence, it is his personality. God can still have something ‘analogous’ to a personality whilst being one nature. All God’s perfections are simply human ways of comprehending his essence

If justice is composed of punishment and mercy, could it exist without one of these parts?

Besides I’m not talking about composition as we understand it, I’m talking about composition as it really is.

Being is not a thing. You have not said what you think it is, but let me suggest that being is order. Order is not simple because it requires relationships.

The Big Bang, created out of nothing by the Triune God, creates order, creates time, space, and the universe.

As I said the God of panentheism fits well with your view.

How? I only state that God created being.

That is rather incoherent… at the very least you are not using the words according to their usually meaning. According to the usual meaning of the words, you are claiming there was a condition of no being and then a being you identify as God changed this so the there is being. See the inconsistency? You cannot have God creating being unless being was already there because God is there, so God logically cannot have created it.

Ultimately, just like the suggestion in the title that God is being itself, this is a suggestion that God has no being and does not exist. Thus both suggestions are logically equivalent to atheism. Some might be tempted to equate these with pantheism but this is basically equivocating between being itself and what has being and they really are not the same thing.

Unless God is beyond being.

That is like saying God only exists in some other sense than we exist like concepts or other intangibles and frankly that sounds indistinguishable from atheism to me. It sounds to me a little like you are trying to erase the difference between theism and atheism. And I don’t think that is helpful.

Now I do believe that God should be classified as part of the subjective aspect of reality because the way he relates to us and interacts with us depends rather highly on our own internal state such as our beliefs, desires, and feelings. But that is very different from what you are saying. I still believe God exists in the same sense that we exist and “being” still very much applies to Him even though He is very very different from us.

Okay, God the Trinity does not exist in same way humans do because God is the Source of the Universe and humans are part of the Universe. Or we might say that God gives the universe its Reality while humans receive their Reality from the universe indirectly and directly from God.

God is not Being Itself because 1) Being is simple and God is not Simple, but One and the Many., and 2) if anything God would be the Source of Being, not Being Itself, but Being as somethi9ng real independent of nature i8s a myth.

God did not create being separate from nature to give it form. The Logos gives Nature form or structure. Being does not exist. Nature or the universe exists. .

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