Is evolutionary creation compatible with biblical inerrancy? (Common Questions article)


The problem with all these arguments seems to be some neccesity to believe in bibllcal innerrancy and the meaning of that term. I would prefer the idea of biblical “Sufficiency” in respect of what we may know of God and salvation, not trying to seek some unerring history of the world in its pages or tneeding to believe that everthing (particularly the OT) is factually true and really happened as it is described.

I have the feeling that people cling to the idea of innerancy because if they let any of it go and things seem to be less certain historically then their faith stands in danger of falling apart. Its a reaction of fear of uncertainty.

A view of the Sufficency of the bible as containing things neccessary for salvation and building divine human relationships allows for such things such as evolutionary creation without sacrificing faiith in God who has revealed the divine character and purpose. We can accept some parts of the bible as “mythical” (as telling a spiritual story) and still hold the bible in high regard that prepares us to meet God in Christ and the whole meaning of our existence and whatr we are destined to be.