Interesting way that Covid works that magic

This article discusses some of the things that makes Covid 19 unique as an infection, and to me it reinforces the importance of good science in understanding how things work, so that we can improve our response. Evidently, there is something quite different in this virus that unleases the cytokine storm, and that also explains why the old and vulnerable have a worse time with it.
If the snake oil sold really does stimulate your immune system, let us hope it stimulates the right part, or it could stimulate you to death!


I wonder what the odds of that might be? I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

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I really don’t think any of the dozens of products marketed to “support and stimulate your immune system” does anything bad or good, but sometimes I passive-aggressively mumble to those using them " Isn’t an overactive immune system the cause of allergies, lupus and all those other auto-immune diseases?"


Yep, too much isn’t always preferable to too little.

Thank you Phil. It’s a very interesting virus and seems to be doing things differently than the other SARS and Mer viruses.

It seems that this virus is attacking the vascular endothelial cells and not epithelial cells and causing thrombosis that then results in the pulmonary and other morphology seen with the virus. This may be related to the altered immune response or to some interference in the RAS system or ost likely both.

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