Intelligent Design makes more sense than BioLogos

Have you ever seen a disturbed person visit a religious blog and convince people of some idea by throwing a temper tantrum? Neither have I.



I’m still trying to figure out what position he was defending …

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He is famously a practicing Catholic. In 2014 he was awarded the Laetare medal by Notre Dame University, a Catholic university. Even BioLogos mentioned this in their news. ID creationists love to trash him. Perhaps because in their eyes people like him aren’t supposed to exist.

The University of Notre Dame has named Kenneth Miller, professor of biology, the 2014 recipient of the Laetare Medal, the oldest and most prestigious honor among American Catholics. “Kenneth Miller has given eloquent and incisive witness both to scientific acumen and religious belief,” said the Rev. John I. Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president. "As an accomplished biologist and an articulate believer, he pursues two distinct but harmonious vocations and illustrates how science and faith can mutually flourish.”

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Wasn’t it ID creationism? If only that energy could be channeled into research…

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Well put, Chris. Vigorous and active discussion about topics is desired and encouraged. Discourtesy is not. My impression is that Biologos advocates actually feel a little warm and fuzzy toward ID, especially the old earth type, and consider them family not only as Christian brothers and sisters, but also in the same philosophical family, just disagreeing as to how that plays out on the scientific field.


Not to mention that some people here (e.g. Dennis Venema and Denis Lamoureux) used to be part of the ID movement.

A very close friend, who in real life goes by the same name as Eddie!

It states that an irreducible biological system, such as a bacteria species, is made up of well matched interdependent parts. In order for it to function all parts had to be fully formed and synchronized in place. It was impossible for the separate parts to have evolved in isolation from each other accumulating their characteristics one by one over a period of time to make a healthy organism.”

Why not recommend some of the professional peer reviewed scientific literature, to see how ID stands up to scientific scrutiny?


Now where have I seen all that before?

And a mania about the sovereignty of God. Yes, I’ve certainly seen all this before.

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My robust colleague of “the Plume” … I will raise my hand in support of what you said about Old Earth I.D. proponents!

Because it’s easier to go directly to school boys and school girls?


God could have created a “spiritual” Garden Of Eden and made it work or he could have made a universe that could evolve but the same “adam” could not have lived in both universes. If a physical “Garden Adam” ate physical food and there was physical critters in his digestive system and there was no physical death then Adam would have exploded from the critters multiplying in his gut.

By “physical universe” I mean a universe that would continue to exist if God took a ten second or a ten year vacation.


You lost me, sir. I’m not sure I’m following your line of discussion?

Did you mean to respond to something I wrote?

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Not specifically. Some people think that this universe is not a 'stand alone" physical entity and everything would disappear if God stopped micro-managing the universe.

I am more concerned (?) about “The Matrix” than discussions of Christian theology. There is no logical way to dispute the possibility that we are all not living in some future kids’ computer project.

But your kid hasn’t created his project yet, since he’s in the future. So we’re safe for now.


@bill_wald, if you are more concerned about such things, and I have no reason to doubt what you are saying, I think you are ready for a completely different blogosphere … you have graduated past BioLogos.

And I commend you for knowing this about yourself.

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By Jove - Bill is right! We think we may be living in a simulation - but it’s all an illusion! We only _think _ we’re thinking we’re in a simulation. One day we’ll wake up and realise it was actually a simulation of a dream, and we only thought we were thinking we thought we were in a simulation.


Or it could be more like what this physicist describes in a powerpoint presentation featured in this thread …

When did that become a criterion of for the practice of “real science”?


Because there is no rival theory for the age of the Earth that qualifies as valid science!

Somewhere around 1785.


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