I'm about halfway through the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible that BioLogos reviewed last year

I just wanted to say hi because it has been a long time since I last came here.

Anyways, I got the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible almost exactly one year after I read a BioLogos review of it. So far I made to it Psalms after one year of reading (I don’t know if I’m doing it really slow). I have to admit I skipped or skimmed a few parts, but I read most of the pages I went through. I really enjoy Professor John Walton’s commentary and footnotes.

Don’t expect me to say anything profound. I just thought this Bible is cool.


Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you are keeping a great pace to me. Way to go sticking with it and not quitting in Leviticus. :slight_smile:

What is one cool thing you have learned?

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Uhh I can’t exactly remember which book, but I know I skipped and skimmed some parts of the Pentateuch but not the whole thing lol.

As for some things I learned? Let me think of something… Now I feel bad for not remembering. Wait I got some stuff

  • Most ANE peoples conceived Earth as a flat disc with their country in the center and all the foreign ones at the periphery. I guess that is what we call ethnocentric bias.
  • When God introduces himself to Abram, he didn’t seem to give rules or doctrines or tell Abram what his new religion should be. God just told Abram that He will make Abram a great people and bless Abram and stuff. I thought that was kind of weird but interesting.
  • I think a covenant is like a contract, but the Jewish people’s covenant is different because God does not have needs. I mean God doesn’t really need benefits unlike a party to an agreement I guess.

So yea. That is all I remember right now


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