If people get reexposed, they will make antibodies very quickly

I received my AARP Bulletin this week, and there is an article by Dr. Deborah Birx, the US Coronavirus Response Coordinator, who said what I wrote in the topic title.

She earlier said, in a White House briefing, that a person who had had COVID-19 had a 99.9% chance of being immune.

So these doomsday plans of keeping people in lockdown forever seem ill-advised.

This is not widely reported in the popular media, as keeping people in fear enhances ratings.

I didn’t hear of any doomsday plans of keeping people in lockdown forever. Please explain.

“Forever” is hyperbole.

Are you familiar with the term “hyperbole?”

Jesus and the Apostles used hyperbole many times. It is a standard technique used by normal humans.

Does this help clarify? :slightly_smiling_face:

How does she know this? Can you do the hard work and look up the academic evidence for this? How long does immunity last? Do you have more antibodies if you had worse symptoms the first time around? What about asymptomatic cases? What kind of immunity does that confer?

Who wants to do that now? How does the idea if you are infected and you likely won’t be reinfected have anything to do with a lockdown? What percentage of the population in the US likely has antibodies? Do you think it is more than 10%?

What do want people to do? Just to go about life as normal?

She is an expert, so much so that she has a lead role in this pandemic.

Are you unaware of her role in the US response to COVID-19? She is the the US Coronavirus Response Coordinator.

You asked me 12 questions in your post.

Are you familiar with the term “Gish Gallop?” Expecting me to respond to 12 questions is unreasonable and impolite.

For info on Dr. Birx:

Pick one and respond to that or this thread is pointless.

You choose from your 12 questions. I already answered the first one.

I found a link to the article that I read in the AARP Bulletin.

“The piece of this that should be reassuring to people is that when you get an infection and you make antibodies, your body remembers how to do that. You may not currently be making antibodies, but as soon as you get reinfected your body remembers that and then quickly makes antibodies — much quicker the second time. People shouldn’t be concerned that their antibody levels may wane, because if they do get reexposed, they’ll make antibodies very quickly.“

I just love your insulting, condescending tone. Good job, moderators.

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I am sorry you feel that way, beaglelady.

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