How should Christians approach disagreement over science and the Bible?

How can I prove to non-Christians that dinosaurs exist through Bible? Because people often say that dinosaurs exist, but their existence is not recorded in Bible, he thinks that Bible is wrong.

Do you mean dinosaur like beings being used in the mythological tales of scripture or do you mean proof as in humans and dinosaurs coexisted and it’s proven because the Bible says so type of thing?

I mean proof as in humans and dinosaurs coexisted.

Well since they don’t accept theology I would suggest starting with science.

Such as finding scientific journals that talk about humans and dinosaurs being found in the same strata.

Look into any fossils that have ever had any evidence of weapon damage to them.

If you can find that, then definitely share it here.

Hi Selina, and welcome to the forum. I’m not aware of any way to “prove” that dinosaurs exist using the Bible, because that’s really not what the Bible is for. If someone is using that as a reason to disbelieve the Bible, it may be due to misunderstanding the purpose of the Bible, so that might be a good place to start – the Bible is not primarily a science book, but God’s message to us to tell us more about who he is and who we are, and ultimately to show us Jesus.

Thank you for your reply, I learn a lot.

Thank you, I got it!

You can’t. You can’t prove that germs or black holes or Maoris exist through the Bible either. The Bible was written by specific people in specific times for specific reasons. It was never meant to be an encyclopedia of all truth.

There is no evidence that humans and dinosaurs coexisted in the Bible or outside the Bible. Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years before humans arrived on the scene.


Got it, thank you, I always think that way too.


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