How I Changed My Mind About Evolution: James K.A. Smith

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In my Bible college education, science was primarily of interest as ammunition in a culture war.
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My copy hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, so I can’t read James K. A. Smith’s entire chapter until it does, but it would seem from Prof. Smith’s remarks on the You Tube video “A Tale of Two Professors” ( that at least as of July 14, 2013, Prof. Smith hadn’t changed his mind about evolution by very much. He appeared to be agreeing that it was a good thing that Calvin College forced Prof. John Schneider into early retirement for Schneider’s attempts to integrate theology with what we now know about evolution. See James Smith in action at 8:22, 18:37 & 21:20. Prof. Smith talks as if Prof. John Schneider was the only person in the world trying to do this, totally ignoring Prof. Peter Enns,Prof. Daniel Harlow (of Calvin College), Prof. Denis Lamoureux, and numerous others.

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Book is still on pre order up here north of the border, I presume the bits are not flowing over the border very well. :slight_smile:
I’m curious how you can accept evolution and still teach at Calvin. A few years back a couple of profs wrote for the ASA journal and one was forced to leave and the other seems to be on a very short leash. At our CRC church the story I got from a board member differed significantly from what I heard thru the ASA. I accept evolution including no special intervention for mankind. My university training was in engineering at Waterloo and I thank God that my missionary parents did not force me to attend a “Christian” school or I might have become an atheist like close friends did. Dawit


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