How Covid Raised the Stakes of the War Between Faith and Science

How Covid Raised the Stakes of the War Between Faith and Science

By Tish Harrison Warren
NY Times, 11/7/2021


BioLogos is showcased in this article. I thought you guys would be interested in it.


Thanks for posting. Great article.

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Thanks for posting the artical we get the NYT Friday through Sunday but only my wife gets online access. Somehow I have enough time to complain about it here but not to call them and make them fix that.


(You maybe could use her login credentials? My wife and I both use the same account, anyway, but I don’t remember offhand how we set it up.)

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You don’t need access to the NY Times. I pasted the whole article into my post.

Just realized that. May be a copyright problem. If so my have to delete text and leave link.

Okay. People can probably still access it if they have a town library.

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Yes, great piece! Deb was under the impression she was going to interview multiple people for this piece, so we were pleasantly surprised to see the prominent BioLogos feature!


You might consider getting permission to reprint this article.

the NYT is not very lenient with their paywall :rofl:
But apparently it is in print today.

They used to allow non-subscribers to read several articles a month at no charge, as long as they registered.

There is also a ‘Gift’ share option (10 per month) that subscribers have (gift box icon at the end of an article), and they can be posted publicly. Here’s my first one this month:


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